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Fire Down Below (Day Two)



  • Vote: maserlas
  • Vote:Maserlas
  • Ouch that hurts :(. I think I'll start writing my obituary now :(
  • Vote: Meadows because she still needs a girlfriend
  • Hey guys, if Aza is a good guy, maybe we should bandwagon with him!
  • you shouldnt do that at all, i have no idea what i'm doing, just being consistant with my desire to get meadows laid
  • Vote: Phantom (Random vote because Mod requires everyone to vote and she won't get lynched anyway)

    Won't be riding the Maserlas vote train because I think it's a mistake.
  • i think tonight is going to be utter chaos
  • If Mafia is actually riding the popular vote, then yeah it probably will be!
  • Damred said there is 9 people left, and 5 of them are mafia/townies, so I think there may be more going on here...and if night 1 was any indication....there should be some hilarity ensuing
  • Lots of killing going on, not even quite sure how it all happened. All I know is that I'm next (SAVE ME >>)
  • Guess we're all screwed then tonight, lol.
  • Everyone winner... that would be funny
  • Okay. .. didn't mean for the conversation to come to a grinding halt
  • I'm goin gto th emovie before work so deadline is pushed back a few hours
  • Phoenix we had that when Walls hosted a WW(which I found extremely fun) as I thought I had helped guide the town to victory and then everyone died... everyone.
  • *death post*

    But the bunnies
  • edited August 2014
    Phoenix we had that when Walls hosted a WW(which I found extremely fun) as I thought I had helped guide the town to victory and then everyone died... everyone.
    Well at least it was short... and besides at least you didn't lynch 7 innocent people like mages did
  • O.o so anyone need a job I have an opening in the store
  • I'd take a job, if it'd save my life :X I promise I won't steal anything!
  • My apologies for the late lynch. down to business.

    maserlas the townie was lynched.

    Maser had a secret roll called reflector. Any ability used against him would be randomly directed onto another person. Secret roles are fun
  • Night two action
  • I'm ending the game here.

    Mafia and the serial killer team have eliminated almost all the town.


    Pheonix and Corynewb the serial killers
    Meadows, SB, Skydragon and Mages Win.

    Cory had a role called the coward role but his first move landed him behind Pheonix who was able to convert the coward to the 3rd party. Which the third party won with the mafia.

    Mages died randomly from a redireted attack, the game was balanced around people actually trying and talking but it was unable to be due to inactivity and people just yolo voteing and going along with the mafia members. Besides Aza and Mas who I tip my hat to.

    The game actually turned into a pretty big snowball due to a few things I didn't enjoy running it so I probably won't run this setup again.
  • It was fun! I went from being a coward to a serial killer! Talk about a character arch!!
  • Cory you can hide behind me any time you want I'll protect you :)
  • I still had fun
  • We thought that we'd probably be killed off at night considering what happened on Night 1 but I guess it all worked out in the end, lol.

    As Damdred said, the activity levels sucked.
  • The sk team had the mafia team pegged from day 2 start they wanted to win could of killed all mafia and got a solo win
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