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Fire Down Below (Day Two)



  • The question was asked to me if we get a majority before time will the people not voteing die? Tge answe is no they won't die as the time ran short
  • 2 hour warning those who have not posted or voted will be killed off if a majority is not reached and also arson will die
  • Voting closed final tally and deaths upcoming
  • As a mod i hate shit like this but i must abide the rules the players decided not to post and you guys didn't save them with a majority so without further due.

    Narshe the avenger was killed for not posting or voteing.

    The avenger can only kill someone who took part in a mislynch and will kill that person they choose no matter what protection is granted.

    Rohan the medic died from not voting

    The medic protects one person per night.

    Arson the villager was lynched.

    4/4 mafia remain 7/10 villagers yet live
  • Night begins please send actions
  • didnt want a medic anyway. who needs protectings?
  • i like how you're giving town a challenge
  • I would just like to point out even though we "lynched" arson he would have died due to inactivity anyway.
  • Or maybe he was sacrificed as a ploy to lure out the Mafia Members :D
  • Then Loafery is mafia cause he started the "false vote"
  • sure i am
  • we have greater chance to find mafia outside the lynch train, because they know who each other are and knowing none of them are inactive, its in their best interest to let people get modkilled.
  • Touché good point... so do you have a plan cause at this point I lack information
  • It was a busy night in the town that day....many died sadly

    SilentButterfly The Mafia Operator Died

    This person was able to make a pm with another person if they connected with a blue role they gained that power and killed that person.

    Mages the Mafia Janitor Died

    This is the strongest mafia power in the game, three abilities two killing and one hiding flips.

    Loafery the Towny died

    Darubian The Town Masoner Died

    This towny was able to make a pm with another player for twelve hours.

    Unreliable the Towny died

    Day Two Begins

    2/4 Mafia Remain
    3/10 Town Remain
  • Jesus h Christ

    The horror, the horror
  • Can we see a player list of who is alive lol

  • Meadows
  • *As his spirit fades, he gives one last speech.*

    "You think this is're so wrong. My spirit will haunt this town until your children's children know my name."

    *Mops away into the sunrise*
    *Cries* How could i not know! All this time he was a cold blooded killer and I never knew! Is that how we stayed safe? * walks away crying*
  • CMSZ lives on! I don't really have an idea of who to vote for at this point....Aza seems like my default choice because he managed to live through the night.
  • Or maybe maserlas because I don't know who the hell they are
  • I really like this town, you guys are good at blindkilling mafias.
  • Hahaha @ hidden roles picking off baddies
  • Yeah, aza is probably on the good guy team after rereading day 1

    vote:marslas for lynch
  • Yeah, aza is probably on the good guy team after rereading day 1

    vote:marslas for lynch
    Since ive already been accused of bandwagoning once might as well live up to it again...

    Vote: Maserlas
  • Noo I woke up late today ><

    Time to start my own bandwagon....

    Cory, I don't know who you are either! Vote:Meadows

    She's been awfully quiet too....content to let townies lynch townies :X
  • edited August 2014
    (nvm, i died hahahaha)
  • Well I only knew one certain baddy after day one and he died... SB was way too obvious.

    Vote: Phantom
  • I don't think Maserlas is bad because he 'unvoted' Arson who turned out to be good. Cory did as well (What bad guy even bothers to unvote anyone as long as someone is lynched regardless?)
  • Thanks for the vote of confidence Sky :)
  • i hate bandwagons, but Vote:Masleras

    because he like, voted me. +1 for consistency
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