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Fire Down Below (Day Two)



  • :: Goes to the grocery store.::
  • What? I'm grocery shopping before the panic drives up the prices and makes us all run out of supplies.
  • Voting for:

    To end the day instantly 8 votes are currently needed on one person. Remember the person with the most votes on them at the end of the cycle is lynched. If their is a tie the person who got to that number first and maintained that number will be lynched.
  • Yes, as well as this...

    :: Hands produce list to Mages.::

    I appreciate good service. This is a nice store you have, how long have you been here?
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    *meets dole at market to get some essentials for their house*

    *deals with the scowls for being gay with dole in public*

    "Hun, I think some people are starting to lose their minds....we need to get out of here"
  • lynch arson

    because we want to, because we want to~
  • "Thanks mages, but I have to look out for mine...but it appears the only ways out of this town are shut off for the time being..."

    *looks to chanting loafery*

    "What the hell are you talking about?"
  • *Runs to police station*

    -Please, help us, people are ransacking the supermarket!!
  • *pleasantly strolls up behind cory* dont mind him, he hasnt been right since the episode at holbrek's park a few years back
  • him and loafery may have stumbled upon an underground fighting ring that exploited the was a dark time for our town. the mafia had a lot of action going on here at the time, we had to chase them out. rumor has it, they have come back, though.
  • i guess since we have to vote for somebody, i'm going to say VOTE: MEADOWS because this will give her time to go find a girlfriend
  • How fast is this day ending?
  • Vote: Arson

    I bet he caused the fire! Would only look more guilty if he had a burning house tattooed on his arm
  • Meadows is set to be lynched with one vote.


    Time remaining:25 hours
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    Since no one has said anything else...Vote: Arson. He sounds like someone who might have started the fire. (How do I bold things >>)
  • Ah Cory babe I'm ready to head back home. What's this vote thing going on? It looks fun. Vote: Arson
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    *Takes coke from mages and slaps the back of his head*

    Now the lot of you quit lollygagging around and get back to work...

    And Damdred love Arson has 4 votes 1 from loafery and 1 from unreliable, 1 from dole and 1 from Maserlas

    Sorry Arson love i dont want to die on the account i didnt Vote: Arson
  • Currently arson is set to be lynched with 2 votes.

    Arson: Unreliable, Dole

    Day will end in 24 hours or when 8 votes is reached.

    Also remember the vote format and bolding.
  • I stand corrected on proper format touche good sir touche
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    Vote: Arson

    Just to see his reaction in 1 week.
  • edited August 2014
    Dole is happy.
  • Lynching him means less dead weight to carry right :D
  • vote Arson
  • edited August 2014
    vote: Meadows as she is an werewolf
  • notice how i deliberately not follow the format so that my vote doesn't count

    you guys are all just following the bandwagon

    *points fingers*
  • Vote: Azalieo

    Because he voted me!

    *Runs into the night screaming "I'M AN WEREWOLF! I'M AN WEREWOLF!"*
  • The rules clearly state that if you don't vote you die. You may have purposely gave a false vote but my reasons are my own for why I chose arson first... me thinks that before you yell bandwagon think about who might point the finger at you next. .. and arson still has not defended his self
  • vote: phoeny

    there is no reason to vote arson your reasons are not your own because it is non existent in the first place
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