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Bravely Default WW: An Alternate World - The warriors of light win and stuff



  • edited July 2014
    lynch damdred

    cory for KING,
    my shoes dried up
  • I am literally scared shitless about what qada has been up to.
  • Nice try Braev, *starts singing 'I will survive' * for now at least o.o

    Cory for King, Lynch Damdred
  • So yea good job town creating another circle jerk and breaking the game

    lynch damdred
  • There is a circle jerk people are voteing without talking there is no way i will get off lynch, its just become vote and leave like always
  • 3 people is a circle jerk? The bad guys have 3 allies too.... :(
  • What do you want to talk about? Yesterday we "talked" and you lived another day, and now we are going to getchya.
  • Here's me talking and theorizing:

    1) your ninja appears to be inactive
    2) people who stuck up for you day 2 & 3 are probably bad guys or villagers
    3) the people pushing for non-damred votes yesterday are on notice
    4) the chaotic role is a wildcard. They are looking to live. I hope they choose the right side :)
  • when ww becomes more about who can get the luckiest ability off and less about strategic play then i'm done and at this point in this game i'm done
  • i dont see how you can say luck was in any way involved
  • i dont see how you can say luck was in any way involved
    How can I say luck wasn't involved at all?

    I'd lynch Flazer for being flazer
  • i wasnt lying about having a read on you, i wasnt shooting in the dark on night one (though, in retrospect, it wasnt the best idea to give extra kills out)
  • so you admit it was just a pure hunch? Ok because I didn't post anything day one at all so you use non reasons ok. And it was everyone sfault we didn't have a king night one so don't pull that reason out of your behind
  • i'll go ahead and admit that if i were online by end of day one, and noticed there was no king, i'd throw a last minute random lynch for the lulz
  • @unreliable: thats because you are a terrible player

    @damdred: it wasnt a hunch, the way you and phantom posted was suspect, so it made feel like you were evil, then i checked and i was right.
  • i think everyone should create a forum multi and run ww games with all "strangers"
  • *Looks oddly at mages and unreliable*

    "Ahem, we are trying to have a lynch vote here"
  • With aza confirmed and cory game is now easy. Sorry I doubted you aza, but I didn't agree with the read.

    Lynch Damdred Cory for King
  • Standing behind my king.
    Lynch Damdred, Cory for King
  • Standing behind my king.
    Lynch Damdred, Cory for King
    You already did that!

    Plus, I'm going to be Pope of the crystals I hear
  • XD I have to make sure my vote is counted I don't want to be too quiet :P

    Cory for Pope of the Crystals
  • if he's the pope, we better hide all the little boys
  • i'd hit it
  • edited July 2014
    i'd hit it
    from my understanding, BD is about teenage kids that are WAY over-sexualized. classic japan
  • welp, i'm going to hell then

    gg no re
  • the depictions you will find online are very anime/manga inspired and I think you are supposed to picture an adult when you see pictures like that

    i dunno, consult and asian

    *Back in to char*
  • Jig is up then i aint playin if damdred aint playin

    me damdred and phantom are baddies game over
  • cory king, lynch loafery </b

  • there go the sheep again!
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