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Bravely Default WW: An Alternate World - The warriors of light win and stuff



  • How much longer on day phase?
  • I was probably going to let it go until the end of the evening. It was getting pretty heated, and a few people are still missing inputs. I'd like to give them the chance!
  • Lynch NightHawk

    seems pretty legit to me.
  • Nighthawk isn't in the game though....
  • Oh lord somebody is trolling and so is meadows
  • Cory king,Tmonsta lynch
  • ...that doesn't sound like a very good reason, mages
  • Mages when I die because cory has me tunneled right now I am going to blame you and throw things at you in PM's after this game is over.
  • Alright, I was going to cut this off 5 minutes ago and forgot. So it's being cut nao. Update in a moment.
  • The city was able to come to one, easy agreement; CoryNewb was a great king and almost everyone believed in his reinstatement. Without delay, he was once again handed the Time Mage Asterisk.

    On the other hand, the citizens were incredibly divided over who they thought was the murderer on the loose. "Tmonsta!" "Damdred!" they cried back and forth. But the true question was.. was either of them actually even guilty of anything at all? This no longer mattered. Someone was responsible for the deaths in the city, and someone was going to pay for it. After much deliberation, the majority vote fell upon Tmonsta. His sentence was delivered: exile into the harsh deserts outside the city. Did he survive? Did he not? Perhaps he joined the bandits as a last ditch option? The city would likely never find out, and Tmonsta the citizen of Ancheim was more than likely never to be seen again.

    Now it's night.. uh.. 3? Yeah, 3. Night action time!
  • I would like a vote count please
  • its easy to go look, 5 for Dole, 3 for Ian.

  • Mages you suck!
  • That was unexpected. ... o.o
  • You guys are stupid, I hand delivered this to you and instead you are getting at least one power role killed tonight.

    Phantom is most likely also evil, mages too, because there is no way he made a misplaced that badly.
  • You tried hard to get a villager killed....? You guys have me tunneled and its bad on you guys
  • lynch meadows
  • edited July 2014
    Well that came out of left field not sure how I feel about Magee swoop in and a innocent villager dieing. Will think on this while at work.
  • Whoa lets not bring outside technicailities influence the game the possibilities are endless then.
  • I'm honestly a bit frustrated. Dole of all people is one of the spammiest people, for him not to talk in WW isn't right. It doesn't make sense. And it sucks that we killed a townie, but how in the world are we supposed to figure this game out if people are gonna play like that?

    If I was a bad guy right now I'd just shut up and sit back, because after what just happened tonight everyone will be too afraid to lynch the quiet people. We really need to figure out based on these first few days if any mafia were talking and who they were, because there's very little chance anybody who wasn't speaking up suddenly will.

    Also @anybody who has mod, can we delete the troll posts from nighthawk, it could potentially make things confusing.
  • You tried hard to get a villager killed....? You guys have me tunneled and its bad on you guys
    no effort on my part, took me 2 posts lol

    but in all fairness, instead of risking lynching someone with good role, we killed the one that was about to get modkilled for not posting in 2 days
  • i really dont like unreliable jumping on Tmonsta for nothing, and i dont like SB going for quiet players just because they are quiet, but that is normal behavior for both of them, so in and of itself that is not really giving me a bad vibe.
    you stopped to observe my behavior here and didnt even point out i was so oddly quiet? how could you possibly overlook that?

    it pretty much made me think you were evil, not wanting to get me in the radar for considering i could be ninja, and thus why i was quiet.
  • btw, i could be a bad guy getting active right after assumption of bad guys quietness being outed! oh noes :P
  • You were doing something counter productive. That's normal behavior for you
  • It wasn't until late that evening that Agnes reached the temple of the Wind Crystal. Donning the vestal garb, she prepared for the awakening rites. Airy hovered just behind her. "You can do this Agnes, this will be our second crystal! That'll be halfway there!" she encouraged. Kneeling down, Agnes began to focus her energy into the darkened Wind Crystal. As she strained in her prayers, the light began to pierce the dark fog that had enshrouded the crystal. "More Agnes, more!" squealed Airy. "It's almost ready!" A brilliant light suddenly burst from the crystal, filling the room with an almost blinding light. The wind crystal had been restored to grace! The wind in Ancheim rose up and swept through the region.

    "Agnes!" another voice called from behind. "I've been looking for you!" It was Edea Lee. "My father refuses to listen to any reason. We still have to light the crystals, but I fear him and his army are going to try to stop us at every turn." Agnes nodded. It was just as she thought. But together, their chances of success rose significantly.

    Elsewhere, Braev the Templar had tracked down his quarry. "There you are, Kloudi. I've been looking for you. I will put down anyone who attempts to awaken the crystals or cloud my daughter's eyes!" At this point, Braev was not certain who all of the light warriors even were, but any potential enemy of the Duchy would be met with extreme prejudice. There was no room for error. With surprising speed for a man in full plate armor, Braev lunged forwards, fatally piercing Kloudi's heart with the Excalibur. "My task is still not done. Let this be my second lesson in anti-crystalism." he remarked to himself as he prepared to travel back to Eternia.

    ...but not long after Braev had left the room, a small halo'd angel descended from the sky, sprinkling some magic upon Kloudi's body. Despite the injury, Kloudi rose back up. The pain was almost unbearable.. but at least Kloudi was still alive.

    The Starkfort was unusually quiet this night. Qada prepared yet another elixir, but one of a different variety this time. He grinned to himself, certainly having some insidious plan for it. He placed a cork on top of the elixir's vial and strapped it into his vestments. "Now, to find a test subject!"

    (tl;dr -
    Braev attacks Kloudi, but the king's protection was in place
    Edea meets up with Agnes
    Agnes awakens the wind crystal and releases its power
    Kamiizumi still wishes someone would target him with something)

    Day broke, and Ancheim's typical rituals began anew. But this time, with more wind!
  • edited July 2014
    Attention braev: you didn't win the game of WIFOM. But nice try.

    Cory for king

    Consulting with a new companion before my lynch vote.
  • Cory for King Damdred for lynch
  • Damred for lynch

    All you out there that are good guys, follow my lead today. Thanks ;)
  • i like this game, now this is what im talking about
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