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Bravely Default WW: An Alternate World - The warriors of light win and stuff



  • So this plays out a few ways

    1. I get my way, damdred dies, and I'll be confirmed as a good guy and maybe die tonight, depending on the chess game between the killers and tiz.
    2. I don't get my way, and I die tonight and damdred gets lynched tomorrow.
    3. I don't get my way, live tonight, and damdred gets lynched tomorrow.

    One way or another, I've got you pegged man. Unless you can get me lynched I suppose.
  • Either way, if you lynch me I still think you die the next day
  • so by reverse logic we should lynch the most active...which is....

  • edited July 2014
    Lol keeeel Cory

    Damred for lynch

    People going to bat or voting for people other than him, you are on notice.

    Looks like we get to play a game of WIFOM tonight ;)
  • This is honestly dumb, you guys are trying to take out the most active poster cause Az says he has me pegged. You are voting me because of yesterday good job. If I die its bad for the village *shrug*

    Cory King Lynch Dole
  • The active poster argument has been disgarded, and it shows desperation on your part. You are not even claiming to be good anymore, you are just saying that you are too exciting to kill.
  • Just like you said Cory was evil yesterday? If you look at all of my posts I tried to figure out the game and I never lynched a good guy, and if Cory would of talked instead of panicking and using his power we could of got more information during the day.

    You are the one reaching here and you don't even see it. You are making the wrong decision here.
  • I think it's very easy to see my play here. It's pretty obvious.
  • guys u wanna make the game fun or do u wanna win?

    if u wanna win lynch damdred

    if u want fun lynch damdred

  • Since I have faith in Cory as a possible King and trust his judgment.

    Lynch Damdred
  • Why vote me? Theres no analysis on my votes on my posts all there is is trust me and sheep. Its faulty logic, what has trust me and sheep gotten us so far? All its gotten us so far is dead villagers. So Good Job Cory and Az.

    Mages trust in me bro don't lynch me let the game actually develop instead of devolving into a no logic game where people just show up and vote with no pressure and no communication in trying to solve the game.
  • I've only killed one villager. What if Aza has subtly leaked his role and is letting us know he has found you with his well written post?
  • What well written post all hes said is trust me and given a list of reasons that are rather null why you should lynch me? He says he has a solid read on me but won't give it with logical reasoning behind it and you are just sheeping him at this point.
  • *makes baaaaaah noise*
  • does seem like damdred is playing a second front, its very easy to see he is playing only the facts of what he reads and not much else from that

    azalieo might be someone good, can't say, but id rather trust his position in this

    lynch damdred

    cory doesnt deserve my vote he made my shoes wet
  • image

    Sorry flaz ;)
  • *boops the X button* O.O what's this suppose to do?
  • What in the world did cory due to get flazers shoes wet
  • I signed up
  • you signed up after the game started homie
  • What in the world did cory due to get flazers shoes wet
    Day 2 haha
  • Can't think of a good reason not to
  • Wait, is that the same guy who threw a fit and outed his team mates in the other WW?
  • Possibly. But doubtful.
  • Ill fucking kt all of you!
  • I'm not sure how much weight that threat carries anymore though, given I think most of the people here either died already or aren't playing anyway :P
  • i'm fairly certain i can still grow through your sad attempts to KT me, even as small as i am #comeatmebro
  • O.O well that escalated quickly
  • We should policy lynch Nighthawk, if not today then tomorrow, though I'm all for doing it today.
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