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Bravely Default WW: An Alternate World - The warriors of light win and stuff

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Firstly: the rules. Due to popular input, I'm going to be against reveals. PMs outside of mod-created PMs are not allowed, nor is use of any other out of game communication between players. Spirit of the game, yo.

Next: the roles:

The Warriors of Light - Four young heroes, tasked with bringing light back to the crystals and sealing the Great Chasm that engulfed Norende. Tiz and Angès know who eachother are.

Tiz Arrior, Sole Survivor of Norende - When the Great Chasm opened and swalled his village whole, Tiz remained as the miraculous sole survivor. Traumatized by the loss of his younger brother Til after being unable to save him from the destruction, Tiz vows to help Angès bring light back to the crystals in order to seal the Great Chasm and rebuild Norende.
Powers: Tiz can choose between two actions each night.
Protect Ally - Protects one player for the night from being killed.
Mimic - From the time the message is received to use this ability, Tiz is able to mimic the last ability messaged to me. He can choose new targets for whatever power this may be.

Angès Oblige, the Wind Vestal - A young girl devout in the ways of Crystalism. She is one of the chosen vestals with the power to awaken the crystals, untarnished by the deep dark secrets of the corrupt crystal orthodoxy..
Power: AWaken Crystal. This miraculous ability awakens a crystal of Angès' choice. Each crystal can only be awakened once, so choose wisely. This is the only action that cannot be mimic'd by Tiz.
Earth Crystal - Invokes the healing power of the earth crystal. Revives one player.
Wind Crystal - Invokes a powerful wall of wind. Prevents one target's action.
Fire Crystal - Harnesses the fire crystal's power to kill one player.
Water Crystal - Raises a powerful flood. This action, unlike the others, must be performed during the day, and ends all daytime voting. Mayor and lynch are tallied up to this point only.

Ringabel, the amnesiac - A young flirtacious man with no memory of who he is. He carries a journal marked with the letter "D" that seems to be able predict the events of the future, yet written as if it was someone's personal diary for events past..
Power: Consult Journal - By looking in his journal, Ringabel is able to identify the role of any player.

Edea Lee, traitor to the duchy - A former warrior of the Eternian Sky Knights, she is appalled by their ruthless methods and acts of wanton destruction. While originally assigned the capture the wind vestal, she turns her back on her countrymen and joins Angès instead to restore balance to the world.
Power: Edea wants to convince her former Eternian allies that she is doing the right thing, although they may not agree. Once per night, she can meet any one player. If she meets Kamiizumi, he will end up dead, and this will ignore his Bushido. If she meets her father, he will lose his Rampart ability and gain a kill action instead. Meeting Tiz or Angès will join their group. Any other meeting will do nothing.

The Duchy of Eternia - The Kingdom of Eternia, the most powerful military force in the world, defended by its lofty terrain. They seek to stop the awakening of the crystals, knowing what will happen if they are restored..
Braev, Kamiizumi, and Alternis know eachother. Kikyo is a solo agent in the field, but knows who the other duchy members are.

Braev Lee the Templar, Grand Marshal of the Eternian Forces - The acting leader of Eternia and father of Edea. Braev seeks to spread anticrystalism across the world and prevent the awakening of the crystals. A former cleric of the crystal orthodoxy, he is privy to much that others are not.
Power: Rampart - Braev creates a barrier that protects anyone of his choosing from a kill attempt for the night.

Swordmaster Kamiizumi Nobutsuna - Commander of the black blades and Edea's teacher. A long-time acquaintance of the Lee family, and leader of the Black Blades forces. He teaches his students to fight with honor.
Powers: Bushido. Each night, Kamiizumi can choose between two bushido techniques.
Nothing Ventured - If anyone attempts to kill Kamiizumi, he instead delivers a counterattack, killing them.
Before Swine - If anyone attempts a non-kill action on Kamiizumi, the action fails and he kills them.

Alternis Dim, the Dark Knight - A young man extremely loyal to Braev. He grew up with Edea, and cares deeply for her despite her acts of treason. A high ranking officer in the duchy of Eternia and a member of the Council of Six.
Power: See You in Hell - If Alternis is killed at night, his attacker is taken with him. If he dies by lynch, the last lynch vote is killed.

Konoe Kikyo, the ninja - A ranking officer of the Black Blades, she uses stealth and deception to scout and assassinate enemies by order of Kamiizumi. She never speaks in her usual attire, and only delivers reports while under disguise.
Power: Shippujinrai - Kills any one target.

Other role - Chaotic. These roles serve their own ends, and are not allied with either side.

Salve-maker Qada - A diabolic rotund man who is obsessed with his alchemical research, making both cures and toxins that can cause widespread results. While he is an officer of the black blades, he doesn't care for their efforts or ideals, seeking only recognition for his genius creations.
Power: Compounding - using laboratory materials, Qada produces a concoction that can have various results of his choosing(this is an inventor role. All inventions must be approved)

ELECTED ROLE: KING OF ANCHEIM - Every day, an official will be appointed as king of Ancheim. As part of the rule, this player is given the mighty Time Mage asterisk for the night! This allows the king use of the time magic spell, Reraise. While this doesn't save anyone from dying, it means when they do die that night, they will come back to life. How miraculous! So basically it's like protection, but they still get murdered horribly. Figure that one out, modern science.

In event of a lynch tie, the king may choose to pardon or execute each individual. However, one unfortunate person must be lynched each day. The only exception to this is the first day - the king may choose to pardon everyone on the first day, because sometimes first day lynches are because SOME PEOPLE ARE ASSH-- because some people aren't very nice.

Player list:

CoryNewb - Dead Agnes, killed by Konoe night 5
SilentButterfly - Dead Kikyo, killed by Agnes on night 5
Zeality - dead citizen, killed by Konoe Kikyo night 1
Damdred - Braev Lee, lynched day 4
Azalieo - killed by Konoe Kikyo night 4
Darubian - dead Ringabel, killed by Braev Lee night 2. Revived night 4. Then killed again day 6 by Qada
Tmonsta - citizen lynched day 3
rohan - dead citizen, lynched on day 2
narshe - dead Kamiizumi, lynched day 6
Phantom - dead Alternis, lynched day 5
Loafery - dead citizen, blown up by Alternis on day 5. Also a rulebreaker.



  • And last, the story!

    It was another hot day in the desert city of Ancheim, the land of Sand and Time. With the recent corruption of the wind crystal, the winds that had powered the city's gigantic windmill had come to a halt. Under the rule of Eloch Quintis Khamer VIII, the city had been worked beyond their limits operating the windmill manually. Water supply was heavily taxed, and brigands were hitting closer and closer to the city each night. Each citizen wondered if the city would ever retain its former glory with the little time they were spared to think. The city seemed to increase in productivity when Khamer was summoned to the Eternian capital and the Prime Minister took over the king's position. However, this peace would not last..

    "Attention, citizens of Ancheim!" cried out the Prime Minister from the top of the palace's steps. "I've come to announce a new reduction in mandatory work hours set by our former king!" Happy faces among the crowd glanced back and forth at eachother as people had already begun to think of what they could do with any little extra free time. "From now on, each night at approxima--.." muttered the Prime Minister slowly, as a pained expression began to creep across his face. What could be the matter? Certainly he wasn't having a change of heart, was he?

    The revelation was quick. The Prime Minister fell to his knees as blood began to soak his vestments. Directly behind him was a hooded young man, no older than 17 or 18, holding a long knife dripping blood. "Heh, nothing personal, but Old Man Tick Tock said you just weren't the one for the job!" One among the crowd recognized the boy. "It's the Jackal!" cried the man. "Get him, he's the bandit from the oasis!" The guards moved towards the Jackal, but his surprising speed eluded their initial attempts at capture. The boy retreated back into the palace, with the royal guard in hot pursuit.

    Hours later, the guard admit an embarassing defeat. Beyond the thone room in the palace was a network of tunnels, and the Jackal was nowhere to be found. While he was presumed to have retreated back into the desert, a new problem had arisen -- who would lead Ancheim during this office vacancy? Someone needed to lead the city. And thus, voting began that day to elect the city's new temporary leader...

    (roles will be handed out very soon. day one will begin at that time)
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    -like hell i'm leading this city, they must murdered the previous minister!
  • All roles have been delivered. If you did not receive a PM, that means you are a citizen of Ancheim!

    If you couldn't tell by the story, we are now starting in DAY 1.
  • When you say we can't reveal, does that mean that I can't be all like "I'm the seer, vote me for mayor"?
  • Very interesting roles! Well done MM!

    We only have the option to skip out on a lynch day 1, so I think we should exercise that and just have a new king today without any bloodshed.

    CoryNewb for King of Ancheim, no lynch
  • Question: Assuming Kamiizumi uses his power then Àgnes uses her power, if Tiz uses mimic, will it fail upon trying to copy Àgnes or will it copy Kamiizumi?
  • When cory is evil he always goes for mayor early and often.
  • edited July 2014
    Cory for King Ancheim, because i dont like arguments based on other dimensions
  • When cory is evil he always goes for mayor early and often.
    When Cory is good he does the same thing. I'm consistent in the way I play. If I started hanging back and jumping on bandwagons it would be way more suspicious.
  • Question: Assuming Kamiizumi uses his power then Àgnes uses her power, if Tiz uses mimic, will it fail upon trying to copy Àgnes or will it copy Kamiizumi?
    Mimic will always copy the last copy-able action. If it is the first action of the night, it will mimic the last action from the previous night. If it is the first action of the first night, it will fail.
  • This looks hyphy as fck Jess, goodjob, goodjob.

    Narshe for King Ancheim, No lynch

    One must always vote for themselves if they don't know anything.
  • Using corys meta this early is weak sauce however i like talking about metas this early we should do more of it.

    Maybe there's a cory unreliable team its worth watching

    Rohan what do you think right now?
  • Meta me bro
  • You can't handle the truth
  • I vote kloudi for king because I want to make her pay more attention this game. She took a step backwards in my game.
  • I think I need to get some hooked on Phonics, too many long words lol
  • edited July 2014
    If I'm reading the roles right, all but one person got a role. Poor schmuk
  • loafery king
  • Hmmm I was thinking Damdred for mayor, but I think out of the people who've posted so far I like Narshe's self vote for king. So Narshe for King from me.

    If I had to choose a lynch vote it'd be phantom, but I think Ill go with no lynch for now.
  • edited July 2014
    also, can we get win conditions posted? I think its obvious but I'd like it clearly established. I'm assuming The Dutchy of Eternia is evil, do they all know each other?

    edit: nvm I missed it the first time through. So 3/4 of Dutchy know each other. However I still want clarification that these are the bad guys, via how does each side (or individual person) win?
  • dutchy are evil in this world

    and in this world it is custom to make FLAZER, KING OF ANCHEIM

  • flazer fr king its the most fitting conclussion
  • Rohan for king! I hear he has an education plan .
  • Rohan for King!

    Indeed I do have a plan, and it is of better quality then disbanding ;)
  • @Missmeadows When does day end btw? What's the time lapses?
  • edited July 2014
    That is based upon her daily supply of cheeseburgers
  • True. Ive never voted rohan before and I dont see me winning so rohan for king
  • Day 1 will end in about 9-12 hours. It's going to be a long first day, because signups were open for awhile and I want everyone who signed up to have time to realize it's started.
  • Eeek, so much pressure to deliver, <3
  • My first question is should we lynch anyone on first day? I don't generally vote first day, but regardless, evil will always take one of our poor souls down.

    Also to remember that the King does have the ability to pardon all.
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