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XCOM - Worth my $8 bucks?

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  • Lol my friend have 20-30 mins on farcry 3 and are saying I should get it. I passed.
  • I'm alright with skipping far cry
  • They want to do the multiplayer, but they never play it....
  • I liked it for the most part, but the RNG really pissed me off so I never really got that far in the game.
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    It's not that fun. You want it to be fun. It should be fun, but it's just boring. Once you accept that you can move on to a better game. Either that or you can try sniper sniper sniper and uh sniper and throw in another sniper just for good measure.
  • Sniper it is
  • i know all u guys lol
  • i know all u guys lol
    Zombie helms

    Add me on steam
  • what's your steam?
    pm me or smth
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    Mr. Rogers but u can find me with corynewb
  • I like XCOM but I kind of agree with dank. Even on easy mode it is impossible to beat without tons of snipers and perfect movement.
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    It takes a bit to build up your people and they are often injured/recovering. Due to this you find yourself replaying missions that you just beat because you can't accept any significant loss. Pretty soon you just start sending one guy up to draw attention then run back to cover. Doing this you can put up a pretty solid defense with snipers. Then reality that the maps are pretty damn small and the AI is lacking sets in, because you have played many repeatedly. You've probably started the game over several times at this point. Now it's all baby steps, and run back to hide. Let your snipers do the work which feels gimmicky. I really wanted to like it and I have 32 hours in it according to Steam. I'd say that I got my moneys worth. I only spent a few bucks but I have no clue how far that I've gotten due to restarts. Despite your best efforts you can't stop an alien suddenly appearing right next to your guy or just taking a lucky shot and killing him right away. I always rage quit after a random alien drops my heavy right as the fight begins.
  • hmmmm I play normal and find it pretty easy, that being said if you dont save the game during missions you will have a dark souls experience^^. I mostly use assaults tough. Run and gun ussualy does the trick or in some cases just use your heavy first to blow them up and then finish with every idiot who is around.
  • RNG is really frustrating missing on a 80-90% hit rate

    not to mention the random aliens that pop out of nowhere and 1 shot your guys.
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