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Farming "rules"?

edited March 2014 in General
has the farming rules not been 3 hits max forever? @viva (it was clearly written in uc that the kd was disbanded)

only variance ive ever heard is if youre a top kd


  • Depends on the round and AL and size of KD getting farmed. If it's a big KD I would say take 1 hit when big and save your other WLs for after others get some or I'd KT you. Although I might let 2 hits slide, never would I allow 3 or 4 first hits.
  • edited March 2014
    3 out of 4 (2-4) first hits, kd wasnt top 100 land (disbander) and hitting kd wasnt top 100 in either NW or Land. Since the kds been hit 4x
  • Ah, if the hitting KD isn't a top KD, and he got land fat, then he won't be able to defend it. That KD will lose the land anyway, so there is no need for any KT, you can retal some if you want.
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    Farming rules < bullshit

    Js, why waste the energy?
  • Not really. Its just logic. If you cant defend the free land, no rules needed cause sk will take care of you. If youre huge and do it, its too hard to prove whetjer you knew or not. A pure turtle who gains 20% over rank2 aint getting caught rohan.
  • I tried to tell viva that kt'ing the guy wasn't necessary. 2-3 hits would have been enough, he was easy land anyway.
  • Viva is a fucktard and most likely has a personal grudge with Espen!!! Hey Viva heads up I got a quad tap coming your way pussy boy! :D
  • I agree. Farming rules should be thrown out.
  • I agree. Farming rules should be thrown out.
    This is fair. When we farmed Isis, that was legit. Same w/bishop.
  • He hit for nearly 600 land with 3 of the first 4 hits
    Farming is farming you carnt have rules for a top 10 kingdom and rules for every other fucker

    It's not important now as he's not getting KT
  • Rules should only apply to the top 50, everyone below that just gets taken care of anyways.
  • Its logic viva mate, if he can be broken ypu just steal the land. A turtle cant be broken usually. This round is the exception
  • Rules should only apply to the top 50, everyone below that just gets taken care of anyways.
    Lol sadly true,

    He only got 410 160-140-110 I believe. It's over though but clarification and an agreed rule here should be made for the future
  • Like I had said, 2-3 hits would have completely negated his land gain as well as set back his military. I think it'd have been more than enough honestly.
  • who farmed? I like my land easy and underdefended. as jones said, choo choo mother fuckers!
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