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Educate me plz

edited November 2011 in General
I'm under 600 land now. I have 2000 tanks and 4500 laser troopers defense. Thats adequate correct??


  • People are idiots. I'm anti turtle and was considered an open kd. But now i'm still being treatedaa2k land kd , when my defense is goood for my size. I need some back up here. I'm getting bang down cuz your player based rules suck.
  • bloody hell o.O
  • what the heck are you talking about
  • People are still going to smack you because you have so many goonz. Every time you hit a large kd they will get pissed off and then people are going to help eat you until you die. That is the problem with anti-turtles. No one likes you!!! At best you will make it tell a war and you will be a first kill since you will be an easy threat to eliminate.
  • Anti-turtle sounds kind of stupid. A turtle would be entirely defensive right? So where is the threat and need for an Anti-turtle. Sounds like just an excuse to not have to build D and make all the hits you want...

    Actually, its brilliant!
  • -1 new guy.
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