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Alternative FBSK Layout w/Sector Compare

edited November 2011 in Game Talk
Something I did today while I was bored...

How to use Layout:
1. Download this: [ (1.96 KB)]
2. Extract anywhere on your computer, just make sure the 2 files stay in the same folder.
3. Open "S3.html" in your browser

How to use Sector Compare:
1. It will be in the 3rd, far right frame after you click Sector Compare from the menu.
2. The frame should be able to resize, if not I'll fix it.
3. Copy the "New" data to the "Old" section for each sector.
4. Copy the kingdoms from the View Sector page to the "New" section for the respectable sector.
5. Don't forget to copy the times so it won't be so confusing to others.
6. The table to the right will show you the gains/losses for each kingdom.
7. This is an open document set with permissions so anyone who has the link will have access to view but to edit I'll have to add you. If this doesn't work out right I'll have to remove it but the layout will still work fine.

Any questions, concerns or suggestions please feel free to ask here.

*Works with SK Tools!


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