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Server 1 and FBSK

edited September 2011 in Suggestions

Could you think about merging server 1 and facebook SK.

People signing up on facebook see only around 30 players if that and are obviously not continuing to play. If it was merged with server 1 players might stick around and raise the play numbers.

Also if you added a feature to suggest SK to your friends list this might help get more players. As you know facebook is huge so it would be stupid to miss out on this opportunity. If everyone suggests their friends join with this feature and only 1 signs up and suggests to friends, we could easily get a few hundred or even thousands more players.


  • Personally, I think s1 and s2 should be merged and people can go where they please.

    s2 really serves zero purpose anymore as the game is small enough for us not to need a small version of SK-- we already have one. Besides, I am sure the bandwidth is not tiny that is used on s2.

    Facebook sk is an app for a social networking site and maybe with some better advertisement (I don't think it is listed even on the game apps on FB) and in other ways like on the main SK site itself, it could take legs and actually improve the game play all around. With only two servers it would also become the clear alternative for people who don't want to play s1 for whatever reason.

    Just my two cents.
  • I agree with Crash.
  • I think we should just merge all servers. There's not so many people playing anymore, the universe is getting small. I agree with Qwjvfill, I signed up for fbsk before and it's so empty and I stopped logging in cause it didn't attract me very much.
  • Both are great ideas actually. If we do make a big jump to FBSK then i do believe a game starting every month on different servers would be necessary to draw in new players.
    That seems like a great idea re FBSK.

  • If there were a way to make S1 stay on, and FBSK to stay on FBSK but share the same game, I'd agree. But if that isn't possible, then I think Crash has it spot on.
    Regardless, FB advertising is the only clear way forward in my opinion.
  • That too crash, sounds good. But there is still the point that when you signup on FBSK there is only like 30 players and it is boring.

    Merging S1 would mean they join to a good 40 sectors and see there is a decent few players and would probably mean more chance of them sticking around
  • edited September 2011
    I think a big problem with FBSK, having played quite a few games is a lot of people who play SK, who would be the lifeblood of a new startup are stuck in their ways and the interface is different. I think this could be fixed pretty easily. Lux also brings up a great point that a two month game for an app game you have to wait to play for, especially being so small, is a lot.

    It could be that maybe to appeal to a mass swath of users who are looking to pick away at a game for instant gratification with little effort, FBSK might need to be tweaked to be more streamlined, less political and team game. Meanwhile a game like s1 would appeal to people who would want to take something like that to the next level.

  • Interesting idea.
    Maybe remove alliances altogether, sector sizes depending on the size of the playerbase. Remove missiles and other things that just clutter and complicate.
  • Reduce the number of kingdoms per sector. to 8-12 that way we get more sectors again.
  • I have seen other games that are accessible through both the creator's site and FB, so I might be inclined in that direction myself.
  • Only point of removing missiles from FBSK is because to a fresh new player, it really doesnt add anything. Think a bunch of noobs could pk someone? :-p
  • Wasn't FBSK an experimental layout? I guess it didn't work.

    I agree with merging FBSK with another server, maybe do it with S2.
  • I'm not fond of the fbsk layout, if he ever did decide to merge, I hope we'd keep the normal sk interface.
  • How about instead of merging fbsk first actually put some effort into advertising it and getting people to play the damn thing. Then if it's actually successful merge it
  • Fair point.

    However, the greater question is, how about the community supports the game in conjunction with such an effort? SK players are fickle and they stick to what they are used to. If some new effort is going to take hold, especially one that might have greater benefits to the community down the road, people have to be willing to embrace it.

    This is the 11th hour, if people really care they need to step up to save the game and save the community.
  • I want to also bring up the points of lux and crash about how long the game is. There are lots of games similar to the whole dynamic of SK that are successful that don't use rounds. An example is Haypi kingdom, an iphone game. Personally, I think it's a different way to play and I don't like that. ANy game like that you jump into will have the problem of "oh it already started" but at least in sk you can still play it and start with the new round. Maybe have FBSK only have 1 month rounds... Honestly though I think the biggest problem newbies have with SK is the newbie mode. Think about it. You just signed up to play a new game and you can't do shit for 3 days. Why continue? I tried to get a friend into sk and that was his biggest complaint. He said it was 3 days of doing nothing and then he was raped immediately. Shorter newbie mode and shorter rounds is the way to go.
  • Some of us don't want people knowing we play SK. Talk about embarrassing.
  • You can make it private so it doesn't link to your profile. But it's by default public.
  • Yea I just wouldn't play anymore if I had to go through facebook.
  • Actually AFAIK all FB apps are by default private.

    If they aren't there is a way to make it so, cause mine are.

    PS: Have you seen the lame, stupid, retarded games the average FB user plays? Who cares?
  • Yes and I make fun of them for it all the time.
  • shut it ya nonce
  • Like i have suggested in the past, a feature to suggest facebook to friends could help.

    Imagine half the players suggested it, and only 1 person from their friends list joined and played....then they suggested it to their friends and 1 other person joined from each and suggested it to their friends.

    we could quickly have hundreds of players
  • This game is a poison don't spread it to others!
  • I actually like the FBSK layout and prefer it to the normal layout.
  • Who is really going to invite their friends to FBSK, like seriously...
    Yeah. Gain back your virginity and come play SK! Put on your specs and takeout your geek books as we embark on a wonderful adventure of wedgies, bullies and HG in the fabulous world of StarKingdoms.
  • Who is really going to invite their friends to FBSK, like seriously...
    has the little phase of pretending its funny to not like SK and not want others to play still not passed yet?

    if you dont like it, stop hanging around like a spastic
  • Who said it was funny to not like SK?

    I said i would not invite my friends on facebook to play.
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