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Where are they now?

edited October 2012 in General
xLTx - secretly running multis all over the place, their leader was sAviOr, the Korean SC player responsible for an illegal gambling ring that eventually got busted and outed 11 professional gamers. Current activity unknown.

Sephiroth - known for posting "I'M #1" over all the boards in every thread. Altered his sleep schedule to wake up and train troops/attack KDs at optimal times. Last seen on some corner in the UK panhandling next to one of those PC stations so that he can log in at optimal ticks and train/attack as necessary.

Angus - plays too much TF2. Actually cosplayed the medic despite being female. Currently a professional rock surveyor. I'm not kidding, she's a geologist, she gets paid to look at rocks. Where did the rest of us go wrong?

BotD - hates life and spends his spare time yelling at kids on the SK forums to get off of his lawn. Unfortunately, those kids don't listen, so BotD on occasion repeats said command then has a heart attack because he's old and probably comes close to dying.

campco - pretends that SK still matters and bugs BotD every fucking round about playing. No, quit bothering me, I don't want to play this shitty game ever again. Knock it off.

dank - no one knows why he's still here. Even dank doesn't know why he's still here. Maybe BCart pays him to stick around and multi every round so someone has something to crusade against. I don't know. It probably isn't a fulfilling life.

Darubian - get the fuck out. You have a life. Give it up.

Elegy - greatest SK member to play the game. The man realized this piece of shit game/site isn't worth his time and he got out before it got bad. His stomach is made of muscle. I know this, because myself and a couple friends who are WAY stronger than I punched him full force in the stomach at his request, and he laughed at us. If you piss him off, may God have mercy on your soul.

I forgot a lot of people. Feel free to add to the list. Also, get off of my lawn.


  • Cya- Got married, had kids, now going through a divorce, has custody of children, has a good job, decent life, hasnt stepped foot in a homeless shelter in 8 yrs. just decided to come back to this game because he is a loser
  • dont you decide to come back to this game like.. every 2 months? :P
  • Its more like every 4 to 6...but I tend to visit the forums every 2 months...but yeah, dont believe me when I say Im done...I just cant follow through on that
  • so u won custody?

  • Yup, been acting as nlmy own atterney too. Which has been nice. My ex has racked up 35k in atterney fees so far... We finalize in January, but i honestly dont see anything changing, by January i will have has custody for 2 years.
  • edited October 2012
    Pretty sure I don't really play just troll. I hate gays.
  • HG - Only plays when he's on probation or bribed via new iPhones via 619, Lives as a giggalo makin lots of doe and that makes u all jealous. Stays a boss.
  • edited October 2012
    The carcases of those that argue with me stink the place up. It gives the impression that I play. I merely sign up to watch them die. I've said it once and I'll say it again. Do not feed the troll. I will leave when it's no longer entertaining. I'm a vet I have more favors on hand than you believe.
  • stop talking out your ass, your a nobody who everyone laughs at. The harder you try to convince people you matter the louder we all laugh at you. Get a grip meth head and stfu
  • Got you killed at least three times. I see why you are mad but I don't care I'll do it again.
  • edited October 2012
    Dank, I got u killed atleast 10 times,omni 4 times, and countless other "vets" and I only play 2-3 outta every 10 rounds lmao, being able to slightly manipulate people's hating on lynog for Constantly taking top 5 is easy he atleast makes kds you would wanna farm... Try getting ppl to kill your trash no land having multis now that's rough, luckily I can normally double tap your multis week 1 so there all gone by week 2 anyhow.
  • edited October 2012
    LOL I think u got me killed one time out of noob for some fake ass reason. In response I multi raped your bitch ass and your friends. You never stepped up again. You can spit that fake shit if you want but you know better than to try.
  • you have never ever ever ever got me killed. stop with your compulsive lies
  • Fuck yall bitches I am the only legit enemy on this game. Rest of ya cock suckers.
  • enemy to who? an enemy has to give you a fight to beable to be an enemy. you dont do anything but talk nonsense in the pfs. Your laughable, thats it
  • edited October 2012
    Says the crybaby who quits early in every round I've seen him play in..

    Then whines like a bitch in the PF's about it, all whilst proclaiming how great he is when he's a pretty average player.
  • Campco is still here sharing accounts
  • edited October 2012
    Yes Laking, but that's not his account. The IP login times early in the round ruled Striptease out being Lynog. Lynog was Mike Tyson in 1:3 or whatever the sector was. Obviously he can only be top when a better player gives him their kingdom because they pity his shitty SK skills. :)

    And obviously he'll use that same "Aha! I was hiding as someone else" BS excuse that fools the masses as usual. Well, most of the remaining 12 SK players anyway.
  • edited October 2012
    Dank I killed you on s2 twice, I got witnesses and on s1 atleast a few times which I also have witnesses lynog was there when I posted to ur multis to name s1 witness and u got mad Tigermonkey inner allianced ur bosh ass and cried so I open hand slapped u on s2 which I'm sure ER remembers well.. It's not what you do homie, it's who saw you do it B-)

    And I haven't seen you or FC do sh!t since Ice and EoD played so...
  • Youre wrong there Sky, mercer gives away his KDs every round so theres nothing to see into it. Lynog took it over from him, and as with all rules on SK, they are only rules if the ALs in power enforce them.
  • Funny thing is, it was rank 69 in delete mode when he took it, now look at it haha
  • Trevorjk - to lazy to use a computer anymore
  • edited October 2012
    I've signed up on s2 once in the last ten years and played for about a week before I just stopped paying attention. Stop making shit up... oh wait that's all you can do. Funny thing is I'm one dude that barely plays beyond trolling. Yet, when you piss me off I show up on some 400 land kingdom and start laughing right before your death approaches. I allow all of you to make smart ass comments then poof you're gone. All your kingdom building doesn't mean a damn thing. You have nothing to really retaliate against. It's highly amusing from my standpoint. I would recommend that you noobs learn how to play this game and start kissing my ass.
  • Youre wrong there Sky, mercer gives away his KDs every round so theres nothing to see into it. Lynog took it over from him, and as with all rules on SK, they are only rules if the ALs in power enforce them.
    Close enough. :)
  • edited October 2012
    Lmao Dank, u sir have slipped so far into your delusions I'm actually concerned for your well being.

    Dank, if you really wanna prove your the boss why not run 500 bots named dank and really toss the server for once? And we archived all of Kesha's 500 ips his bots use and most the ips of the "controllers" who ran em so I will know who used em within reasonable doubt ofc( some people are better at hiding it then others) and then you can rant about w/e you like. But in the last 10 years I haven't seen you make more then 20 multis and you only bum rush ppl outta noob. You don't archive anything and your only witness's are your UA mates? LoL
  • Lynog, Hotgates, Skyfaggot, and Dank.

    What a fucking trollfest.
  • edited October 2012
    Did Hotgates just ask me to do what his buddy Lynog does every single round? What, yall still hating cuz I say it. Hah. Suck it baby boys that aint a conspiracy it's a known fact.
  • yep

    all u faggots sure know how to kill a thread

    especially john with his retarded 500 word posts nobody gives a fuck about LOL
  • Ill take that as a compliment BotD and sign the fuck out.
  • edited October 2012
    Any questions why I still play? I love this shit.

    Took HG how long to figure out pussy was better than starkingdoms?
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